The 10 Most Haunted Hotels In Las Vegas, According To TripAdvisor & Reddit

The 10 Most Haunted Hotels In Las Vegas, According To TripAdvisor & Reddit

We all know that these days the strip can seem like a ghost town.. but how much of a ghost town is it really? Tourists and locals alike all seem to have their own ghost stories about Sin City. Even though we're still on the newer side of things when it comes to the history of the whole U.S., the turmoil from gangsters long passed seem to have left a mark here. These are the most haunted hotel rooms in Las Vegas according to trip advisor and Reddit... and why!

10. The Aria

From Reddit

 One night during my stay, I decided to use an actual wall switch to turn on a light instead of the tablets they provide in the rooms. It seemed the tech of the tablets just were not in agreement with an old fashioned light switch. So the drapes were opening and closing and the lights flickered on and off on their own! This went on for about 10 minutes. Finally, I turned off all the wall switches. The ghost who resides in the tablet decided to behave.

9. Bally's

From TripAdvisor


We stayed at Bally's on the twenty-something floor. Every night we would hear what sounded like a ball bouncing on the ceiling above us, and really heavy footsteps. We just thought it was someone with kids staying above us. When we checked out we told the front desk about it, he checked the computer and said "That was the penthouse, and no one has been in there all week".

 Bally's used to be the original MGM, which had a fire in the 80's and lot of people died there.

8. The Flamingo

From Tripadvisor


I've stayed at Bally's, El Cortez, and Golden Gate, all supposedly haunted. However, I didn't have any paranormal experiences. I stayed at the Flamingo twice and for unexplained reasons I was overcome by feelings of intense sadness and tears while in the food court. This happened late in the evening on two separate visits, and NO, it didn't have anything to do with the food choices or I will continue to stay at the Flamingo but will avoid the food court area. I don't know, it was very strange.

7. Bellagio 

formerly Dunes Hotel and Casino - in 1993 before the closing of the hotel. you could feel cold spots through out the resorts main tower and casino. and after hours in the lounge on the top floor of the hotel you could see a blue glow and the voices of people when no one was there... the hotel was imploded on Oct.23 1993 and has been replaced by the Bellagio.

6. Caesars Palace

a cocktail waitress on the graveyard shift at Caesars reports that in the bathrooms down the escalator in the Forum Casino, the sensory water faucets turn on and off of their own volition. If you try to put your hands under a already running faucet it will turn off. She saw the faucets turn on and off many times with her being the only one in the room.

5. The Venetian

George G.

Venetian has one!! first floor suit with concrete walls for a view. it woke us up during our sleep with a hit at the foot of the bed. unfortunately i don't remember the room number.

4. O'Sheas

It was one of our first trips to Vegas and my husband and I were gambling at O'Sheas one night. He was at a table, I was playing a slot machine WAAAAAY in the back of the place. The machine I was at was in a bank of machines placed in a circle and I was sitting with my back to a wall. I hadn't had much luck anywhere that night so was kind of half heartedly feeding my coins in and basically killing time until my husband was done for the night.

 It was pretty quiet and I heard someone say, "THERE you go!" and it felt like they said it right in my left ear, as if they were leaning over my shoulder, although not loud. Right as soon as it was said, the machine hit for a $175.00 win. I whipped my head around and nobody was there behind me. I stood up and looked around the other side of the circle of machines and nobody was there. It had to have been past 2 am and I thought well, maybe I heard someone talking to somebody else. I sat back down and spun a few more times and hit another $50 win. I heard someone say, "Good for you!" and looked around again. A few minutes later, and this is the creepy part, I felt like someone patted me on the shoulder (the left one, same side as the voice in the ear) and that was it. I cashed out my coins and got the husband and left. I didn't tell him for a few days, thinking he would either have me committed or laugh his butt off at me.

3. Treasure Island

i swore blind i seen a ghost in my room in treasure island back in 2006 it walked past the window and i seen the figure outline in the mirror wardrobes beside my bed, it was weird I cant remenber the room number but I wasnt drunk I know that, I have heard ballys is haunted and also flamingo.

2. The Luxor

I swear on my life that the Titanic exhibit at Luxor is haunted. I felt the ship rocking through the whole display and I couldn't believe how lifelike it was. I never said a word, though. At the end a curator told me that it was haunted and that some people even feel the ship rocking!!!! I walked back in and could feel it rocking again. My kids could not feel it. It was so strange!!!

Back in January, my son and daughter-in-law stayed at the Luxor. When she first walked into the room, she said she felt a little strange. She and my son left to do a little gambling. When she returned to the room without my son, she noticed that the cable wires were pulled out from behind the dresser. She wasn't sure if it was like that when they first arrived, so she just ignored it. She showered and went to bed. Just as she was falling asleep, she heard banging on her door. She quickly got up because she thought my son lost his room key and wanted her to open the door. When she opened the door, no one was there...not even in the hallway. She called me at home to see what she should do. I advised her to call the front dest to let them know what was going on. We were a little worried that there might be an intruder lurking the hallways. She called the front desk and immediately went down stairs to see about changing rooms. When she told the front desk clerk what was going on, he gave her a strange look. He immediately upgraded them to a suite. She didn't want to return to the room by herself, so he escorted her to the son was in another casino while all this was going on. When they arrived at their room, he told her that there was no way anyone could've just pulled out the t.v. chords like that and that he had a strange feeling when he entered the room. He also told her that if he never puts a guest in the room that they were staying in. He did indicate that there were strange and eerie things going on in this particular room. Even as they were in the room, they heard strange noises and pounding on the walls/door. He apologized for the inconvenience. Once they moved to their new suite, all was well and they enjoyed the rest of their stay. At least the Luxor is quick to accommodate their guests!