10 Photos Of Las Vegas From Y2K that will make you say "Whoa."

10 Photos Of Las Vegas From Y2K that will make you say "Whoa."

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Ahhh... the year 2000. A simpler time of Nokie cell phones, the emergence of Britney and boy bands, and a fun time in Las Vegas history where the city tried to make "Family time" a thing; and they did a pretty good job of it! Here are ten iconic photos of Las Vegas that we'll never see in real time again. 

Oh, and did I mention that this was twenty years ago? It's ok. We're sad too. 


10. When the TI was the Treasure Island and they had a rad pirate ship show out front. 

The Treasure Island went from super family friendly to not-so family friendly when this awesome pyrotechnic/acrobatic show went from the Pirates of the Caribbean to the Sirens on the TI, then closed it's sails forever. Many kids these days don't even know those pirate ships actually completely go under water! (or at least one of them did, right?)

9. Lake Mead had water!

In the year 2000 Lake Mead saw some of the highest water levels of its time... followed promptly by some of it's lowest. 

8. When Bonnie Springs was still a happening place for field trips, families and cowboys. Bonnie Springs Old Nevada

Bonnie springs recently closed it's doors since opening in 1958, and locals will always have a soft spot for this pseudo ghost town/petting zoo. It was the most pleasant place to spend the day with your family, and will be greatly missed! It was located in the red rock loop and will be turned into residential housing. 

7. When the Stratosphere had a Rollercoaster on Top of it

The Stratosphere year 2000 rollercoaster

You don't know true fear unless you were one of the few that were on this rollercoaster when it got stuck! The rollercoaster retired and is now in the home of Las Vegas politician and avid nostalgia collector Lonnie Hammargren.

6. When the MGM Grand had a theme park... and a lion head out front. 

MGM Grand Theme Park

MGM Grand lion hear year 2000

This was for sure a fun and happening place in the year 2000.

5. The historical Huntridge theater still had live performances regularly on it's main stage and it's smaller venue, The Sanctuary.  

huntridge theater Las Vegas year 2000

Las Vegas locals await patiently as this place stands by for renovations of what was the first nonsegregated movie theater in Las Vegas. It closed in 2004 almost 60 years from it's 1944 opening and in April 2013 potential developments have started arising. Let's hope they get this one reopened!

4. The Meadows Mall still offered Glamour Shots... the original Instagram filter.

The Meadows mall 2004

glamour shots 2000

Fun fact: The meadows mall is built on rollers to prevent damage from earthquakes. If you are really looking for it you can totally see light fixtures and things hanging from the ceiling sway back and forth; careful it will make you dizzy! 

3. The Boardwalk casino was alive and kickin'

An icon in itself. 

2. And this was the year the Desert Inn closed it's doors, soon to be replaced by The Wynn. 

Do you remember this implosion? 


1. And then of course there's the original Wet n' Wild. We miss you boo.

wet n wild Las Vegas y2k

This was the first place I tried Dip n' dots... they were so futuristic back then!


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